Chiropractor Sydney CBD

Stop suffering with pain and stiffness. Begin your journey to better health and start feeling better today. WE GET RESULTS. At Advanced Care Chiropractic, our Sydney CBD Chiropractor provides tailored care to YOUR individual need, with NO long term contracts.

Chiropractor Sydney CBD

How Can We Help?

There’s nothing worse than pain. Don’t let the suffering continue.

Our combination of Chiropractic treatments, thorough assessments, and rehabilitation programs, allows us to get great results at Advanced Care Chiropractic.

Why You Should Visit our Sydney Chiropractor


Professional and Experienced

We are ON TIME, COURTEOUS, and we FOCUS JUST ON YOU.      Dr Zak, our principal Sydney Chiropractor at the Advanced Care Chiropractic, has been in private practice for 25 years.


We Correct Imbalances

We make sure that your muscles, joints, and nerves function properly and in sync. Spinal alignment is also corrected to restore full mobility.


Posture Correction

Provide a full analysis of your posture. We offer strategies to help improve your posture at home and at work.


We Educate & Provide Advice

We provide you with the tools and information so you can help yourself during recovery and to prevent recurrences.


Convenience of 2 Locations

Our clinics in the Sydney CBD and the Inner West offer provide quality Chiropractic care. We are very close to most methods of public transport.


Love Life Again

We help you get back to doing what you enjoy most. So whether it is gardening, playing golf, or going to the gym, we provide you with a pathway to reach your goals.

We have a treatment program for muscle, joint and nerve related problems.


Chiropractic spinal mobilizations, manipulations


Adjustments to remove nerve irritation


Active Muscle Release, massage, and Trigger Point Therapy.


Stretching and strengthening exercise and rehabilitation


Treatment of stiff joints


We supply custom fitted Orthotics

We use a 4 step process to help you achieve better health.

1. Comprehensive History

2. Thorough Examination

3. Explanation of the Cause

4. Treatment Plan tailored for you

We listen to your concerns to identify possible causes

Perform a range of medical and Chiropractic tests

We explain the issues involved and how we can help

A treatment plan tailored for your own individual need

Get started with your treatment today.