So What Does A Chiropractor Do?

At Advanced Care Chiropractic, our Chiropractor in Sydney CBD and Inner West Chiropractor takes great pride in providing the finest Chiropractic care to our patients. Below are some of the services we offer.

tennis elbow rsi treatment

Tennis Elbow RSI

Repetitive and prolonged strain on the forearm muscles while playing tennis, golf, or other like activities will lead to Tennis elbow RSI or Golfers Elbow. Ineffective technique along with poor levels of general fitness and conditioning may also contribute.

A scar can develop at the tendon which will cause pain and inflammation each time the muscle is used. At this point the patient complains that s/he cannot even pick up a cup of coffee or open a door without pain.

Tennis Elbow Treatment

Treatment may comprise:

  1. soft tissue massage and friction therapy
  2. anti-inflammatory advice
  3. stretches and joint mobilisation
  4. ice or heat treatment
  5. exercises to improve strength and flexibility
  6. exercise advice
  7. bio-mechanical correction of the spine
  8. use of custom orthotics and footwear advice
  9. return to activity plan
  10. technique correction



Up to 70% of runners develop injuries every year. Most injuries result either from incorrect technique,inappropriate footwear, or because there is a structural imbalance in the body. Ankle sprains are common injuries to the ligaments of the ankle that are treated by our Sydney Chiropractor at Advanced Care Chiropractic.

The injury has varying degrees of severity, which may include inflammation, tearing of ligaments, or the complete rupture of ligaments. Depending on the severity, ankle sprain treatment may require rehabilitation treatments, or even surgery.

An accurate diagnosis of ankle injuries is needed as it is not always straight forward in determining the cause of the problem. Initially, our Sydney Chiropractor will assess the ankle joint, calf muscles, and achillies tendon, amongst other areas.

Ankle sprains are the most common injuries for athletes. And if not properly treated and rehabilitated, ankle sprains can leave behind weakness and instability in the joint long after the initial swelling disappears.

Early treatment is essential.

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