Sporting Injuries

Sport injuriesSports Chiropractic is a great way to help sports people to better performance as well as aiding recovery from sport injuries. This is achieved by assisting the body towards better alignment, and by allowing joints and muscles to function at their best.

As Chiropractors, we not only look to provide therapy to assist healing at the site of an injury, but to assess and correct the underlying structural misalignments within the body that resulted in the sport injury. By doing this, we can achieve a more complete resolution of your injury and avoid recurrence.

Our Sydney Chiropractor at Advanced Care Chiropractic may use several treatment methods for patients with sprains or strains, which are vital to the healing process and reduce the likelihood of recurrence. Treatment may comprise:

  1. soft tissue massage and friction therapy
  2. anti-inflammatory advice
  3. stretches and joint mobilization
  4. ice or heat treatment
  5. exercises to improve strength, flexibility or balance
  6. advice on suitable exercise
  7. bio-mechanical correction
  8. prescription of custom orthotics and footwear advice
  9. creation of a return to activity plan
  10. technique correction

Early treatment is essential.

Sport Injury

Hamstring Injury Treatment

The hamstrings are the muscle group at the back of your thigh, which may often strain or tear. These type of sport injuries are commonly treated by our Sports Chiropractor at Advanced Sports Chiropractic.

A major factor that can cause hamstring strains is a pelvic imbalance which then alters the function of the surrounding joints, ligaments and muscles.

Hamstring strains most commonly occur due to rapid acceleration whilst running, when there is excessive tension due to too much repetition or force, or when footballers perform a kick. They are also commonly seen in sports that involve running such as football, hockey and athletics (particularly sprinters, hurdlers, and long jumpers), and tend to occur more commonly in older athletes and particularly following an inadequate warm-up.There are several grades of hamstring strains ranging from a grade 1 to a grade 3 tear.

Patients with a hamstring strain usually feel a sudden sharp pain or pulling sensation in the back of the thigh. In minor cases, they may be able to continue the activity only to have an increase in symptoms upon cooling down. In more severe cases the patient may be unable to continue the activity and will often limp or be unable to walk.

Activities which may aggravate a hamstring strain include walking uphill, using stairs, running, jumping, and kicking. It is also common for patients to experience pain or stiffness after these activities with rest, especially when first waking in the morning.

Calf Injury Treatment

A major factor that can cause calf strains is a pelvic imbalance which then alters the function of the surrounding joints, ligaments and muscles of the lower limb.

A strained calf most commonly occurs due to a sudden use of the muscle, for example when a person attempts quick acceleration from a stationary position or when lunging forwards such as while playing tennis. It is also commonly seen in running sports such as football and athletics, and may also frequently occur due to gradual wear and tear associated with overuse. This may be due to activities such as distance running, repetitive jumping or walking excessively (especially up hills or on uneven surfaces).

Patients usually feel a sudden sharp pain or pulling sensation in the calf muscle at the time of injury, and may occasionally experience stiffness in the calf muscle in the lead up to their injury.

The pain in the calf that may increase during activities such as walking, going up and down stairs, running, jumping, hopping, or standing on the toes. Swelling, tenderness and bruising are often present in the calf muscle in patients with a calf strain. In severe cases, patients may be unable to weight bear or may walk with a limp.

TENNIS – GOLF – Causes of RSI and Tendinitis

Repetitive and prolonged strain on the forearm muscles while playing tennis, golf, or other like activities will lead to Tennis or Golfers Elbow. Ineffective technique along with poor levels of general fitness and conditioning will also contribute.

A scar can develop at the tendon which will cause pain and inflammation each time the muscle is used. At this point the patient complains that s/he cannot even pick up a cup of coffee or open a door without pain.

Friction therapy may help release the scarring, as well as mobilising the elbow joint to restore proper function.

Also, since the full golf swing rotates the spine with a lot of force and little control, almost every serious golfer will suffer from back problems.


Up to 70% of runners develop injuries every year. Most injuries result either from doing something wrong, or because there is a structural imbalance in the body.Ankle sprains are common injuries to the ligaments of the ankle, that are commonly treated by our Sydney Chiropractor at Advanced Care Chiropractic.

The injury has varying degrees of severity, which may include inflammation, tearing of ligaments, or the complete rupture of ligaments. Depending on the severity, ankle sprain treatment may require rehabilitation treatments, or even surgery.

An accurate diagnosis of ankle injuries is needed as it is not always straight forward in determining the cause of the problem. Initially, our Sydney Chiropractor will assess the ankle joint, calf muscles, and achillies tendon, amongst other areas.

Ankle sprains are the most common injuries for athletes. And if not properly treated and rehabilitated, ankle sprains can leave behind weakness and instability in the joint long after the initial swelling disappears.

Acute treatment should start as quickly as possible after the sport njury has occurred. The objective of the acute treatment is primarily to prevent additional injury and reduce bleeding as much as possible. Effective acute treatment will limit swelling, the formation of scar tissue and the number of complications which can arise. Every treatment includes a massage.

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