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At Advanced Care Chiropractic, our Chiropractor in Sydney CBD and Inner West Chiropractor takes great pride in providing the finest Chiropractic care to our patients. Below are some of the services we offer.

frozen shoulder treatment sydney

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder refers to a very painful condition causing a loss of the ability to move your arm. Inflammation of muscles and ligaments are usually involved, as well as thickened tendons, causing severe shoulder pain. It may stop you performing simple arm movements, or may completely stop you from doing what you enjoy.

Depending on the severity and when treatment begins, it can take between 6 months to several years to recover from frozen shoulder.

Frozen Shoulder Treatment

Our Sports Chiropractor will use a range of frozen shoulder treatment techniques to help with the soonest possible recovery. This may include :

  • soft tissue massage and friction therapy (ART)
  • correction of the shoulder blade function and upper spine
  • stretches and joint mobilisation
  • specific rehabilitation program to improve strength
  • anti-inflammatory advice such as ice or heat treatment and or medication
  • advice on suitable exercises
  • a return to activity plan

Early frozen shoulder treatment is vital for a speedy recovery.

Ongoing care may be recommended to assist in the maintenance of shoulder function and for the prevention of future problems.

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