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How To Avoid TECH NECK and Stop Neck Pain

  • Did you know that looking down at your phone while texting can cause dramatic health effects to your body?
  • ‘TECH NECK’ is the condition of looking down at your phone for prolonged periods of time. We have all seen it… and we are all likely to be guilty of it.

It is associated with:
• Headaches • Migraines • Neck pain • Respiration dysfunction • Jaw pain •
 Be sure to check your phone posture.

3 Simple Steps Help Avoid Tech Neck and Stop Neck Pain.

  • While sending a text message or checking social media updates, bring the phone to eye level instead of bending your neck forward.
  • Pull you head back so your ears are aligned over your shoulders.
  • Hold the phone up as if you are taking a photo of something.

By looking down to check your phone, and bending the neck forward, the amount of pressure on the neck multiplies. Recent research by Hansraj (2015) evaluated this effect as seen in the picture below.

  The effects of optimal posture as opposed to poor postural habits.
effects of tech neck
This is a tremendous amount of unnecessary pressure to the neck!

Be sure to check your children’s phone posture too. Teach them how they can prevent ‘tech neck’ from an early age.

‘Tech Neck’ can easily be prevented with proper posture. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with this condition, or are worried that your children are developing it, we recommend having a postural evaluation at our clinic.


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